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Not Another Crusade! (Rant)

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Not Another Crusade! (Rant)
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Juu Yukio

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Post Not Another Crusade! (Rant) If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

I simply can't believe it happened again.

I don't believe I've ever given anyone here (except Kat) the full story, though I've probably mentioned it in passing. So this post serves not only as a rant, but as a warning to our fellow roleplayers and writers.

I'd watch who you roleplay with when you're not on this site (I personally trust everyone here). Remember names. Remember email addresses. Remember styles. And, most importantly, if you can't find anything else to do with your time - Google your characters name a few times with different variations. Am I paranoid? Maybe. But by the end of the post you'll see why.

Between 2003 and 2004, I was introduced to the world of message board Lord of the Rings roleplay. This contributed to the birth of Morsereg, who before that had been a faceless hooded evil in a one-shot LOTR fanfic that never saw the light of day. Morsereg Dindaedel, after a few boards of testing, ended up on the Citadel of Guard forum as the Ruler of Angmar. My Morsereg paired with the site owner (and now a close personal friend) Aaron's vision of Aragorn became the most bitter of enemies, yet were merely two sides of the same coin. They had many parallels in their ideas, in their thought process, though Morsereg was pure evil and Aragorn was, well, Aragorn. Morsereg even constructed a black Citadel in Angmar (named Minas Sereg - The Tower of Blood) to mock Minas Tirith. Many epic battles were fought and great memories that I look back on with such a swell of joy (Kat can attest to this, as when I get nostalgic I don't shut the fuck up) were formed over the years on CoG.

Somewhere along the line, we were joined by a guy named Josh. He didn't stay long, as I recall, but implored us to join his board. I didn't stay on his long - lotr!Morsereg is nothing without Aragorn to battle. Later down the road, we were joined by a woman named Becky. Or so we thought. She caused quite a lot of strife amongst the forum and verbally attacked myself, Aaron, and a few other high-standing members of the board. We weren't aware of it until later, but Josh and Becky (as we came to call them, "Tranny Bosh") were one in the same. In one of the more recent versions of the forum, Tranny Bosh showed up YET AGAIN as a new character, who became Morsereg's son (I never had plans for this, I never wanted it that way. But I went along with it cause I was promised I'd get to kill the character in the end), a character named Cile.

Now, I frequently would go looking for an old version of the CoG forum (it went through many versions and many hosts over the years, the only constant members being myself and Aaron, though others very frequently showed up) to reread old exchanges, old battles. I would search Morsereg Dindaedel, sometimes just Dindaedel.

And that's when I found the first one.

On a board whose name I don't remember, I encountered a "Cile Dindaedel". I was interested. So I checked the profile.

It was an exact plagiarism of one of the many Morsereg Dindaedel profiles I've made over the years. Verbatim. Just with the Morsereg name replaced with Cile. I knew immediately who it had been.

I went about making my account, and PMed the admin to alert them. I caused a scene to make my presence known to this bastard who had taken my character and was bastardizing his purpose. I made sure he was banned.

It was at that point that I began to keep copyright notices in my forum signatures on every LOTR forum I was on. I was in no way going to deal with my baby getting stolen again. I was fucking furious. But, soon, it calmed.

Then last night.

On my routine search to make sure that no one had taken Morsereg...look what I found.

Another copycat, this time infusing Morsereg's biography, character, and weapons/abilities with the physical appearance of my Elf character Chi'Gandir. Chi'Gandir was abandoned when tragedy struck his family and ended up being raised by bats (farfetched, I know. But fuck, it's fantasy. Plus it ended up fitting in) in a cave. He became blind from so many years in the dark, and his hands were repeatedly broken amongst the rocks and over time became horribly misshapen from repairing themselves, resembling claws. Yet these physical notes in his appearance section (the clawlike hands, the blindness) are never touched upon in any of his posts, or in the backstory.

So I made an account, and I PMed the admin. I'm currently awaiting her response. And believe me, when I get it and find that there is indeed something to be done - I will make myself known to this "Josh" (I assume it is him because he registered his account name as "josh"). They even went so far as to put a poor attempt at a copyright notice in their signature "Character copyright to Tony/July/08"

You see that?
What, you didn't?
Let me try again

"Character copyright to Tony/July/08"

Uhm, excuse me?

So, first you take my characters, merge them together in a PISS POOR BASTARDIZATION, and then you pretend to be me?! You're FUCKING kidding me.

So for now, I wait for any response from the admin of that board. I haven't said anything to Josh yet - he hasn't logged in in 10 days. If he happens to log in, though, I assure you he will shit his pants when he sees the name Morsereg in the "Newest Member" field.

And then, once I've talked with the admin and settled it, I'll settle it with Josh.

And I will make sure he writhes, for the emotional distress him taking my children and bastardizing them by ruining their characters has caused. Because I can do wonders with words.

It's not so much just that he's so pathetic he can't create his own characters. That's his own issue to deal with.

I've poured parts of my soul into these characters. Something is added, subtracted, or altered in atleast one of them almost every day. Everytime I see a new movie, read a new book, there's always that one small sliver of inspiration that sneaks through into some character, some scenario. It's not so much that this bastard is taking Morsereg for a LOTR RP - he's moved on to bigger and better things than the Lord of the Rings fandom, anywho. It's the fact that it's my intellectual property. It's my character. Two of them this time, actually. It's the fact that I've spent four or five years now developing the two of them (Morsereg, unless I'm wrong, debuted online in 2003 or 2004.). It's the fact that they are bastardizing what the two were meant for.

With the death of CoG, the Black Istari was meant to rest in peace. He came back for a brief stint on another board with some buddies for old times sake...but that board didn't last long. Without Aragorn to feud with, the Black Istari is nothing. Chi'Gandir, likewise, is nothing without his companion Nurutyave. The Bat, and the Drow...He was the only character that Chi'Gandir ever encountered online. And I'm serious - I'm almost certain that particular character has never interacted with anyone besides Aaron's Drow, Nurutyave. I could be wrong, but I think it was the same for Nuru. When Aaron stopped RPing, and Nuru disappeared, Chi'Gandir went into the unknown with him, searching, no doubt, for some shard of some irreplacable jewel or a fine ale.

They're both evil bastards. That's all they have in common. Trying to merge the two is like trying to merge oil and water. This Cile...this Becky...this Josh...whatever name they decide to go by this time around - They're bastardizing the purpose of those two characters by bringing them together.

If I had it my way, if I had my choice...this is a horrible affront to me. I would make him beg for mercy. I would make him writhe like a worm on a hook.

But I can't. Not legally, anyways. Plus, I have no idea where the poor fuck is located.

So now I can do nothing but enjoy words. Enjoy talking about it. And warning you all about this particular type of situation, so it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Perhaps the band Sentenced said it best.

I have dreams of hammering your skulls.
Fantasies of bashing in your brains

"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster...when you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes back." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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